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About Our Organization

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Who We Are:

Family Creed was imagined by Founder Michael Thomas, after years of working in social services.  Michael wanted to create a program not bound by traditional titles, slogans and labels. He wanted an organization that truly helps families. So, in 2017, Family Creed, Inc. was born.  Family Creed is a volunteer driven youth development organization utilizing sports and activities as a positive indicator for decreasing negative outcomes. No matter a child’s circumstances in life, a positive remodel goes a long way in encouraging, motivating, and providing the tools needed to be successful. A steady regimen of accountability, responsibility and focus is what a child needs in his or her life. It all comes down to structure. Family Creed provides that structure in a safe and positive environment through non-traditional sports and activities. Family Creed upholds that finances should not determine access to youth empowerment, so we work hard to provide scholarships to those who need them most. Our business partners and corporate sponsors continue to support our mission because they can see for themselves the children who directly benefit from their generosity.

Family Creed, Inc. is a volunteer driven youth development organization utilizing sports, and activities as a positive indicator for decreasing negative outcomes in our communities.



Our Mission

The Mission of Family Creed, Inc. is to cultivate  a generation of youth capable of critical thinking, decision making and problem solving while teaching leadership, accountability, responsibility and focus.

Our Vision

To promote Health, Literacy , Mentoring and Community Engagement.

Our Creed

Learn and Have Fun! If you don't listen, you can't learn. If you don't learn, you won't have fun. But if you do listen and learn, we'll have a blast! 

Our Vision in Living Color

Our Mission in Color

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401 North Rosemary Ave, Suite 42
West Palm Beach, FL 33401


Family Creed, Inc. Sponsors

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Sponsored by Faith's Place Center for Arts & Education

Faith's Place Center for Arts & Education

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Faith's Place is an organization that provides educational services to the community. We offer pre-shcool (VPK), homework assistance, FCAT tutorials and after school arts enrichment programs. We also provide S.T.E.A.M. (science. technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) lessons through Prime Time.

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ECF Engineering Consultants

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ECF Engineering Consultants is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida that was founded by the principal, Everett C. Fennell, P.E. CEO/Managing Principal, with a small support team. ECF's main office is strategically located to meet the needs of each project. Our Professionals have extensive experience with design standards and requirements that are unique to our client’s facilities. This provides us with an intimate perspective on goals, objectives, and operating practices of our electrical utilities and industrial clients. Our engineering capabilities and familiarity with national and state regulations, local utilities design standards and guidelines, and construction practices are critical in allowing us to deliver the best possible service to our clients.